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Boone Thompson Genealogy & History

History | Family Photos | Generation 1 to 10 | Generation 11 to 20 | Generation 21 to 31 | Generation 32 to 41 | Generation 42 to 51 | Generation 52 to 59 | Generation 60 to 64 | Generation 65 to 76 | Generation 77 to 85 | Generation 86 to 90 | Massacre of Glencoe | Gaelic Names of Scottish Royalty | The Folklore of Daniel Boone
Family Photos



Alex & Georgia Thompson, 1950


Sidney, Evelyn, Audrey, Lottie,
Pat Thompson-1927 and Alex Thompson


The Thompson Girls
Evelyn, Georgia, Lottie,
Audrey front


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Col. Shelby Alexander (Lex) Riggs II

930 Anchor Dr.

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Click on link for the Genealogy on the Riggs Family.

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Henderson, KY

My personal Tribute to fine group of student/athletes.

My high school yearbook, Henderson City High School

Click on link for my friend Sue Thompson (no relation)

Sue recorded "Norman", "Sad Movies", "Paper Tiger"

Thanks to cousin Angelina Bennett, who did many years of physical research of the family.

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